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By connecting young people with various community groups they get  to explore opportunities to grow and uncover their passion and interest.  They can build relationships and form connections to enhance their sense of belonging, self-worth and fulfilment.


the comunite’z JOURNEY

Founder Nathan Taylor had personal battles with depression and anxiety and made the decision as a younger man to take his life – fortunately, it wasn’t his time – his stepfather found him and was able to save him before it was too late.

Fast forward a few years, Nathan was doing his best to navigate through life, with his wife Kattisha and their three children. He continued to have compassion for others and a love of people however he did not yet have the tools and the knowledge to understand his own journey.

This all changed on the 23rd of October 2012 when the family was rocked to the core hearing the tragic news, they had lost Zak, Kattisha’s cousin’s son to suicide – he was only 12 years old.

To lose a child is life’s greatest tragedy, but to lose a child when there are so many unanswered questions makes it even more painful.

The torment of the never-ending question, “Why?” To this day their family continues to grieve his loss.

It was this tragedy that led Nathan to make a promise to do something to honour Zak and his memory.  

On the 1st of February 2018, Zak’s Community began as a Facebook group to keep Zak’s memory alive. Nathan began to share his story and give hope to others that “Life Gets Better”.  

Nathan began his journey of personal development, gaining the tools and knowledge to develop rock-solid resilience and confidence.  By investing in himself, Nathan was able to share his learnings with the group and encourage them to share their own experiences, adding value to the group as a whole.

The group provides people with the tools to be able to support themselves, live their best life and encourage conversations within the community to break the stigma around suicide and mental health.

As the Facebook group grew so did Nathan’s passion for making a difference.

This passion was also shared by his wife Kattisha and two of his best mates Mark Loh and Joakim Wisting – whose own personal journeys have led them to be extremely passionate about making a positive impact in the community together – and together they began the work to transform Zak’s community into a charity.

This charity was founded by friendship with a passion to do more, and with Zak at the heart of it all they formed Comunite’z. 

The spelling of the name was carefully chosen 

It is the French way to spell Community, combined with the word unite. “Unite for Life” is the heartfelt goal behind the unity that Comunite’z represents, and the Z on the end for Zak.

The work continued with the support of their families and incredible people in the community as their plans to become registered as a charity to make a greater impact became a reality.

In 2020 a committee was formed

Board members include Brendon Murray, Michelle Black, Kym Foster and Kiran Varma. 

Furthermore, Marita Loh, Mark’s wife, Kyeong McPherson, Joakim’s partner and all our incredible community partners, each play a critical role in fulfilling our vison and mission to create leaders of the next generation.  

We have entered 2021 excited by what is possible, eager to make a difference and to share our passion and love for humanity, with everyone we meet; to engage with teenagers and their families and do all we can for suicide prevention.

My appreciation for my second chance at life only grows stronger with every day I grow older and so does my passion to be of service to others.
– Nathan

 Being personally affected by suicide and mental health issues in my own family, hearing Nathan’s mission sparked my own passion to contribute to the fight that is suicide prevention. 
– Mark

The topic of mental wellness is important to my wife and I as we have been surrounded by loved ones with depression and anxiety for many years. Nathan’s passion and drive ignited my desire to start conversations on this very important topic without fear and judgement – to create a community – to bring people together.
– Joakim

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